27 Sep 2014

Now available: The first Lvcifyre zip-up hoodie ever printed with artwork by Timo Kettola.

Hoodies are printed on the thickest/heaviest and highest quality brand, Hanes Ultimate Cotton (90% cotton 10% polyester). Please note that the hoodies fit a size larger than regular sizes, so if you wear an M size you should order an S size, if you wear an L size you order a M, if you wear an XL you order an L etc. 

Limited quantities available to buy on the Lvcifyre webstore.

18 Sep 2014

Maniacs! The Sun Eater will manifest again.

On 22 Nov 2014 the Path of Kaos will go through Olten, Switzerland at the first edition of Into the Void.
Join the Ritual.

20 Aug 2014

Maniacs! The Sun Eater will manifest again.

On 4 Sep 2014 LVCIFYRE will be part of the 5th and last ever edition of
Kill-Town Deathfest V.
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1 Mar 2014

Lvcifyre merch is now available through the band's official store. Click here to see all available items.

21 Jan 2014

Sun Eater, the second full-length, is now out via Dark Descent Records.

24 Jan 2013

Salutation Maniacs. We will manifest once again in London on 8th of March.
New merch will be available. Join the Ritual! More news here.

22 Nov 2012

"We are proud to announce the addition of Lvcifyre to the Dark Descent Records roster.
The label will be responsible for releasing Lvcifyre’s second full-length opus and follow-up to the seminal debut “The Calling Depths”.
Over the past three years, Dark Descent has built up a notorious reputation of delivering the highest-calibre works of Death Metal Darkness from the underground and proudly propagating the Fallen Light. Thus, it is the perfect lurking place for Lvcifyre. With the new album, Lvcifyre will unleash the most wrathful and apocalyptic sonic plague heard by Man; manifesting the hidden forces beyond the threshold to awaken the Darkness lurking deep inside you! HDHM!"



2014/11/22 CH Into the Void Fest
2015/03/14 FI The Darkness Festival VII
2015/03/19 FR Wolf Throne Fest II
2015/07/11 IS Eistnaflug Fest


"Sun Eater" CD/LP
Death. Metal. Darkness.
Dark Descent Records LP & CD - 2014 | sample [1] [2]

"The Calling Depths" CD/LP
Primordial essence captured. Might!
Blood Harvest Rec LP - 2011 | sample [1] [2]
Pulverized Rec CD - 2011

"Dying Light of God" CD/LP
The firstborn, from the womb of The Outer.
Blood Harvest Rec 7' - 2008 | sample [1] [2]

T.Kaos - Guitars/Vocals
Menthor - Drums & Percussion
Cvltvs - Bass
- Guitar (live)


2014/09/04 DK Kill-Town Death Fest V
2014/04/13 BE Sun Eater release ritual
2013/03/08 UK Cruciamentum, Craven Idol
2012/05/12 UK Destroyer666, Grave Miasma
2012/02/05 UK Sonic Obliteration Fest